Markets We Serve

Miracle of KY & TN serves communities in Kentucky and Tennessee in the following markets.

Schools and Daycares

Providing children with a safe, fun way to exercise and play outdoors is essential to running a successful school or daycare facility. With over 2,000 state regulated childcare providers in KY and over 3,000 preschools and child development centers in TN, Miracle of KY and TN collaborates with daycare and learning facilities to provide the safest, most accessible environment and help foster children’s social development outside of the classroom. Driven by a commitment to safety, Miracle of KY and TN designs highly versatile playground equipment that accommodates children of all ages, budgets of all sizes, and virtually any type of terrain.

If you are looking for an innovative, student-centered play experience that inspires your kids, sparks imagination, and promotes physical activity, Miracle KY and TN is ready to bring your vision to life!

Housing Developments

Including a playground in your housing development will not only increase property rates, but also serve as a centerpiece in your neighborhood. Miracle of KY and TN recognizes that attracting families adds tremendous value to any housing development.

Now is the right opportunity to exploit the housing market which has recently seen a massive boom in sales volume with respective 47% and 45% increases in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Playgrounds are a proven amenity that can promote your residential area as the ideal destination for all families and visitors. By creating an outdoor gathering space that is anchored by well-designed playground equipment, you will be facilitating the ideal environment to build a solid social outlet for residents. For decades, Miracle KY and TN has been helping residential communities like yours select the right playground equipment to increase socialization in adults and create entertainment for children. Bring together your families and build on your community!

Parks/ Municipalities

Parks provide an ideal space for playgrounds to become focal attractions in communities. Miracle of KY and TN can develop a custom plan to personalize your outdoor experience and add value to the community. Whether it is fun and safe slides, climbing nets, or tire swings, Miracle of KY and TN strives for the highest quality and most exciting equipment for your green space.

We have even received international recognition with our park in Owensboro, KY having been selected as the #1 playground in the world!

Parks promote community wellness and offer the perfect opportunity for members of the community to socialize in a natural environment. Turn to Miracle of KY and TN for a wide selection of choices that enable you to maximize your outdoor space to its fullest potential and create the perfect play area.

Places of Worship

With over 50% of the population identifying as religious in both Kentucky and Tennessee, promoting outreach to new and existing members has never been more important.

Playgrounds can have a tremendous visual impact and provide a safe and fun space for youth groups to host events and engage in faith-based activities. Enrich your children’s education and bring these lessons to life beyond the standard classroom. With the addition of a thoughtfully-designed playground, children and young adults can develop their spiritual learning, learn in a safe and positive environment, and grow into community leaders. Playgrounds can be incorporated into any place of worship whether its churches or your local synagogue and mosque. When it comes to ensuring your place of worship has the perfect outdoor space and is inclusive for the whole community, Miracle of KY and TN will deliver the right solution for you.