Create obstacle-course thrills by combining a series of custom climbing challenges designed to promote physical development through friendly competition. Champions Trek puts kids through the paces, providing an active, full-body workout that helps improve, strength, agility, coordination, and mobility while
pushing the limits of fun. Use our products from our Champions Trek product line along with a variety of our other freestanding products to create a fun challenge no matter your space or budget!

This competitive climber builds upper-body strength while providing a variety of thrilling play paths in a race to be first to the top. It’s also the perfect finishing event that gives kids a real sense of accomplishment when they ring the bell to complete the course.
It can be a standalone event or linked for easy transfer to various deck heights (3’ to 6’-6”)


Age Range: 5 – 12 years
Space Required: 15′ x 19′
Weight: 600 lb
Child Capacity: 8
Compatibility: KC,TCX,TC,MT,FS
Complies With: ASTM, CPSC, CSA

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